Customer Testimonials 

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These two young hunters hunted out of their Sportsman's Condo this weekend and harvested two does. Congratulations, boys!


Thanks for a GREAT product. The EZ-Bracket system made it very easy to
construct my elevated blind. I have attached a pic for you.

Satisfied Customer from North Michigan

Hi Mark,
The Bow Condo came through again this year, Here is a photo of the 6.5 yr old 9pt buck dressed weight of 230 pounds.
I had set up several times around the field edge to hunt two big bucks that I had seen just once in the past month. I had several bucks that I let go including a 150 class 10pt. I noticed that the deer would end up close to the bow condo that was set up in middle of the field in a tree island adjoining clover and corn. My best option was hunt out of the Bow condo and get in close.This buck and another buck never knew I was there, and I shot him at 25ft. I could not have had the opportunity without the Bow Condo. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to try the crossbow Condo.

Fall is in the air and the deer stand is finally finished. It was built to hold a CLAM insulated ground blind with the platform at 6’x6’. The next one will have a deck size of 6’x8’ to give a little wiggle room to enter and exit the blind.
The brackets worked great and sometime this winter I’ll be ordering another set.

Marc R.


Awesome buck taken from a Sportsmans Condo SC-2!

Frankie, AL


First Buck....One Shot!

Gavin "Dead Eye" B.

The "Mississippi Deer Mafia" makes good use of the Sportsmans Condo SC-2!
John G. from Mississippi with his first deer!


Here is a picture of my Crossbow Condo. I am very pleased with it. I bought it for my wife, but it is large enough for both of us. I used 6' posts which was plenty high for our situation. Our soil is soft so I added 2x4s cross ways on the leg bottoms for a wider footprint. Set up was easy, two of us did it in about 3hrs from start to finish. I strongly recommend buying the Condo Deck, makes entry easy plus makes the stand more sturdy. Hunting in comfort this year.




It is my pleasure to share a buck my nephew, Garrett R., shot yesterday morning (MO youth season) out of one of the Bow Condos I purchased from you a couple months ago.

Thanks a bunch man!
Robert G., MO

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great reliable product. We currently have a SC3 and 2 Ridgelines. And just ordered our 3rd Ridgeline. We had 70 to 80 mile an hour straight line winds and the SC3 only had what I consider minor damagr considering. This happened before and after a few days the dents popped out on their own. So again thanks for great quality at a fair price and anytime we need a blind we will continue to go with your product. In fact the Ridgeline we recently ordered is replacing another name brand blind that was ripped apart in the same storm the SC3 withstood.

David C.


Well after putting a lot of time in the stand and having a missed a beauty with a bow, I finally connected with a gun on Saturday after a couple of 12 hour days thanks to being very comfortable in the SC2 condo we bought and put up over nine years ago? These stands make it possible to put in long days!

Linda, MO


Early this fall , but I bought a set of ez brackets from you.
They worked out great, and I plan on buying another set in the future. The stand is on 10ft 4x4 post, the platform
is a full 4x8 x.75 plywood, the shelter is a 4x6. I also attached my first kill from the stand. It was during rifle
deer season here in MO. They are sleeping
Thanks for the great product.

Jared K., Missouri



Great Buck + a Sportsmans Condo = One Happy Youngster

Ware, MS



A customer took this buck at Prairie Wildlife from a Sportsman's Condo. Sad part for you-it was taken from the same stand you and Tayler hunted 2 days prior.

Prairie Wildlife
West Point, MS
(click here for website)

cohen deer


Cohen (6 years old), Mississippi



Our customer killed this at 10 yards on the SECOND day the Bale Condo blind was set out.

Hadley Creek Outfitters
Pike County, Illinois
(click here for website)


Not sure if I ever shared these photos with you, but this is the condo you sold me in Oshkosh that my nephew picked up.

Kevin K., Illinois


Hi Mark, this is Jerry in N.C. I absolutely LOVE my condo. It mounted easily and is rock solid. It is overlooking a whitetail clover field and looking forward to spending a lot of hours watching deer. Thanks again. I highly would recommend your stand for anyone looking.
Good hunting!

Jerry, N.C.



Three years ago, I purchased the Sportsman's Condo so I could have my then seven year old son, Kyle, hunt with me and stay on stand for as long as possible.
Kyle took his first deer from it then, but we had never used it to turkey hunt. Always did the "ground thing", but always got busted due to movement.
This year, we decided to hunt out of it during the Oklahoma youth spring turkey season, which started this morning.
As you can see, it was very productive for his first bird and ideal for concealment for younger hunters...and older ones too!
Just wanted to thank you again for making such an amazing product that's lasted year after year!!

Todd J., Oklahoma



The pictures say it all...Great Blind!

Clay, Illinois



Here is the camo we put on it before we took it to Nebraska. It looks great "up in the air".

Will have to send you pics.

Pat M., Nebraska


Did a little "product research" over the holidays!

Happy New Year from Southern Outdoor Technologies!

Mark B., Mississippi


Deer number 3!

Alan B., Wisconsin


It's almost too easy now.
The Condo worked perfect again, and the hunt will be on the Midwest Whitetail web show. Pretty cool, shooting two good bucks from the same blind in 10 days.

Check out the shows featuring the Bow Condo,
by clicking here and here.

Scott Prucha, Midwest Whitetail


Hey Mark,

When you guys exhibited at the last ATA Show my buddy and I ended up buying six of the various Sportsmans Condo blinds. The buck in these photos was taken with a muzzleloader from a Bow Condo last Saturday by my son, Bryan. Very unusual coloring and size for a piebald. We have been watching him for the past three years.

Wayne V., Ohio


Here's a pic of the deer I shot from one of the Condo blinds we purchased from you a while back. Thanks again for a great product.

John S., IL

calder Calder's First Buck
Calder turned 10 this year and was looking forward to hunting the deer season with Dad this year. After shooting a doe in the Youth hunt season, and like every young hunter, he really wanted to see a buck for the regular opener. On Opening day around noon, while walking across the ridge, we spotted this 10 pt. buck bedded. Though it took Calder a few shots and some luck in finding the deer, both were reunited to create a very, very happy young man.

Randy E.

My son took this great buck while hunting from a Sportsmans Condo in Minnesota. Great product!


Jim B., Minnesota


I just wanted to write you a email and tell you a cool story.
It held up against a 85 mph Kansas mico burst.
When I first installed it, I tied it down in the corners with cables and anchors.
I went out to check on it before the September early youth hunt, and it was still standing.
Great product-my 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son love hunting out of it.

Charlie P., Kansas



Good morning, sir! I was just on the site and looked at all the great testimonials and pictures from hunters and their deer from last year. Your site looks great, and I am sending you pictures of the other two deer we shot out of our SC2 blind last year.
I'm also sending turkey pictures from this spring. These 4 jakes circled the blind and decoys for over two hours before the longbeards showed up!
We had a total of 3 mature bucks from the same SC2 stand last year. You already have a picture of my typical 8 that scored 140, so I am sending a picture of Carol's heavy and very tall 141, really cool buck. My first muzzleloader buck, a 10 point I shot with my nephew, Blake that scored 138. Hunting out of your blind is the only way to go.
My wife enjoy's seeing all the wildlife and since she doesn't get cold in the blind, we can stay out longer. Hunting with kids can be a challenge, the blind conceals movement and allows us a truly special experience together hunting. All things considered, our best family hunting year ever, thanks to your great blinds. We had so much fun last year, I can't wait to get out and hunt again this fall. Especially since we ordered and installed a second blind for the property!
Thanks again for a great product!


First deer: Shot out of a Sportsmans’ Condo with a
50cal Thompson/Center muzzleloader.

Jessica B., Age 10
Peroria, IL


We took 4 nice bucks (and a few doe) from these condos at a distance up to 432 yds.
I love your product.

William T.



Ethan B., Allabama....first deer
(the smile says it all!)


Hi Mark,
Here is a photo of my gun buck scored 153 shot out of a Bow Condo. I call it the office with a leather swivel chair. What a great stand.

Tim M., Wisconsin


Mark, thanks for making a great blind ! I did not have a chance to elevate my Sportsman's Condo yet, so I hunted from it on the ground. I had 10 does in front of me with the wind blowing from behind...they never knew I was there. About 15 minutes before dark this deer stepped out, chased the does, and started feeding directly in front of me. Let me just say, this is the biggest deer I have ever killed, and I truly believe it was because he could not smell or see me. THANK YOU! I am now a lifelong customer (and believer in your product)!

Chad E.


I took this 12 pointer with 3 kickers from my Sportsmans Condo stand on the 2nd day.

My son, Chris, and grandsons, AJ and Camryn, are pictured underneath the stand on the day we put it up.

Ray M., Kentucky


Here I am with one of the pair of really nice bucks my wife and I got this year out of our SC2.
We enjoyed hunting out of your blind so much, we just ordered a second one.
Thanks again,

Ben & Carol K., Nebraska


Mike killed this buck out of the SC-3 stand in 2009. He killed another in 2010, same stand. We have 6 other box blinds, but yours is our favorite. Hope my new SC-3 comes this week.

Charles and Mike "Gator" G.
Cana, VA

sc2 camo trailer

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with my new SC2 stand. I gave it a custom paint job and mounted it on my own 4x6 trailer to make it easily mobile. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in it this fall. I have attached a few pictures I took after I finished with it. You are welcome to include the pictures in the gallery section of your website if you like (click here to see more). I think it turned out really nice. I appreciate all your help and such a great product.

Thanks again,

Mark W., Newnan, GA


"It's not just for whitetails anymore!"

Linda with her Missouri Longbeard harvested from her Sportsman's Condo, Bow Condo.




After trying several blinds of all types we've come to this conclusion - the Sportsman's Condo is the Cadillac of blinds. With the elements and temperatures we see in the midwest up to -50 zero wind chills, we won’t settle for anything less. These blinds don’t rattle, don’t leak air, and won’t shatter under the extrem cold temps. They are made with the hunter in mind. When faced with the buck of a lifetime, why take a chance with a cheap immitation?
The Sportsman's Condo allows our clients to stay in the stand longer and to hunt harder.
Here are a couple of shots of deer killed from the condos. One is my 13 year old son Hunter. We got the whole hunt on film. The blinds were a huge hit with our guys this year.
Check out the kills on our website.

Tony Sehman
Owner of Iowa's Premiere Whitetail Outfitters
Thunder Ridge Outfitters
jimmybuck I was able to shoot this deer between his eye and his nose, because I could hold my rifle very steady in the condo stand. I would not try a 150 yard shot to the head from a ladder stand. You can read a book and turn the pages and the deer can't hear with the windows closed.


Hi Mark,
On fri afternoon my son Sean shot a monster 11 pt (main frame 10) out of one of our Bow Condos on a food plot of rape and turnip.The buck scored 172 B&C,is 5.5 yrs old,we have the sheds and photo from,2,3,and 4 yrs old. Hunting out of the bow condo enabled him to move to get in position quetly,attempt to control the shakes, and take the shot with a rock solid rest. With over 175 stands in the woods ,we will now hunt out of the sportsman bow condos almost exclusively, for bow, and exclusively for gun. The bow condo is definitely the best product on the market,and it helped create a lifetime success and memory for my son and family. Thank you for all you do,and if there is any thing I can ever do for you please don,t hesitate to ask. Wow two booners in one year.

Tim M., Wisconsin


Mark, Just wanted to drop you a note, the deer stands we purchased worked to perfection. We had deer, north/south/east/west and under us all season, not once did we get winded. We could even talk on cell phones without detection. Congratulations on producing a wonderful Product. We had the most success ever this year hunting out of the New Blinds. On our Farms, we were able to harvest 9 Trophy Bucks', thought I would share a couple pictures of my son and I with you.

Thanks, Bernie W.


I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the Sportsman 2 Condo. My son, Kyle, who just turned nine, and I have enjoyed hunting out of it immensely.
He was able to sit "on stand" from 6:15 am until noon this past Saturday, which was opening day for our deer gun season here in Oklahoma.

Being a new graduate of his Hunter Certification, Kyle was extremely eager to harvest his first deer.
Because the weather has been unseasonably warm here in Oklahoma, deer movement has been very slow. However, because of the comfort of your Condo, he was able to stay on stand for an extended period of time allowing him to take his first deer, a management cull.

I've attached a picture of the Condo and of Kyle's success.
Thank you again for sending me this condo and for helping to make my son's dream of his first deer come true.

Todd "Smokey" Johnson


Wow! ... What a great product. This past November I was debating weather to hunt or not since it was rainy, cold, and a little windy for my taste. My buddy talked me into heading down just to see what was moving in less than ideal conditions. Now I'm certainly glad he did!!!

This bruiser came out of a pine thicket at about 200 yards just about 15 minutes before last light to check out a group of doe in a Winter Wheat field. We have hunted the same property in North Mississippi for the past 5 years and this is one of the oldest, mature bucks any of us have seen down there.

The Sportsmans Condo was ideal!! We stayed warm and dry the whole afternoon while watching the action. It really adds a whole new level of convenience to a hunt. With two on the property already, we are scouting out areas to add additional Condos this offseason.

Keep up the good work, another order to follow soon.....!

Chase J.
kenkdeer Ken K., Maryland

Mark, thanks for taking my order this morning. You were very helpful. I am sending you a picture of our front yard in Otto, NC to show you why I need your "Hog Slammer". I am sure that you have seen this many times. I have killed 3 hogs now, two weighing 300 pounds. Hope to trap many more so that I will not have to till and replant next year.
Bernie W., NC

(Bernie, thanks for sending us the "before" shots. Be sure to send the "after" shots-like Josh's below.)


Hey Mark,
I set the traps and on the second morning we took this group of 10 yearlings and 1 boar. We shot a sow and 3 piglets two days before, and I'm thinking that these may have been her piglets. It looks like we've had some hogs in the other traps but they just haven't knocked the bucket off the cinder block...I'm thinking of trying the trip wire trigger mechanism to see how that works instead.
Trap worked perfect!
Take Care,
Josh B.





Linda killed her best Buck to date out of a condo on a bean field. Also, a couple of friends dropped in on us. One got a nice 8 with a bow, then a bigger 7 with a rifle on opening day. The other guy killed him a nice 8 with a gun on his first day out! I ended up not filling my gun tag this year as we had three on the trail cam’s that would score in the upper 170’s or 180’s and never was able to close the deal on one of them? I will be back at the bow condo after Christmas until the close on January 15 with the hope of closing the deal on one of the big guy’s with my bow! Just letting you know how the season is going thus far! Hope You and Yours are having a Great one!

Regards Bob & Linda
Ps: will let You know how the end of the year turns out!

I shot the buck of a lifetime out of your Sportsman Condo one man. It was very windy in Kanas and very cold. It was 23 degrees and 30 to 40 miles an hour wind, and I was out of the wind completely.
Great Stand!

Jerad Bennett


I just wanted to drop you a note and send you another picture before I hit the woods this morning. This picture is of my girlfriend, Christina, with her first deer ever that she shot out of the Condo. She took a 2 year old doe from about 85 yards. So see, a girl wearing blue jeans can go out and take a deer hunting out of a Sportsman's Condo! Thanks again for making a great product!

Jason Yeager
Whitetail Adventures Hunting Club


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I got my condo up in the air this past weekend. One thing I love about the Sportsmans Condo is how sturdy it is compared to other similar style blinds. Even on 10 foot tall 4x4 posts, the entire stand is completely rock solid. Here are some pictures of mine after it has been set up on the edge of my wheat and winter pea field. I spray-painted mine in a camo-pattern, and I also painted all the lumber that is supporting it. I will be putting these pictures on my website soon. Thank you again! I had a couple guys that hunt the land next to me come help stand it up, and after seeing it, they may be getting up with you guys to purchase their own. Have a good one!

Jason Yeager
Whitetail Adventures Hunting Club
turkey condo

I was hunting a farm in North Carolina and they had a Condo there.
I shot a nice 21-pounder about 20 yards from the condo.
We saw the birds walk right past the condo for two days in a row, so we sat next to it.
We would have sat IN it, but it didn't have any chairs in it, so we didn't.
Anyway, I thought you'd like to have these photos.

JJ Reich
Senior Field Test Coordinator
North American Hunter
North American Fisherman

Mark, here is a picture of my wife Linda with her first ever buck and what makes it sweeter, it was taken with a crossbow. You and your staff have made us customers for life.

Bob & Linda L.

This is My best Buck to date a 159 gross B&C and soon to be on My avatar.
Killed out of the Sportsmans Condo SC3!

Bob & Linda L.

My son, Brett, and I have been hunting out of our Sportsman's Condos for 3 years now. We've never had to do anything to ours but hunt out of them. Roomy interiors, protection from the weather and requiring no maintenance, the Sportsman's Condos are simply the best shooting houses I've ever owned. We love ours!

Tom B., MS



I bought a sc3 and absolutely love it. It was easy to put up and great to hunt out of. I work all week and can only hunt on Saturdays, now no matter what the weather I can spend the day in the stand. I had mine hand painted and it looks great. Your product did not disappoint!

Brian S., VA


SawGrass Buck
Mark take a look at these photos of the nicest Buck I have ever seen, let alone shot. You know how the rest of the story is going to go......If it hadn't of been for the purchase of the E-Z brackets and the OP vinyl and a little imagination on my part, I wouldn't have been able to sit in comfort and had the opportunity to see this Buck. Just like so many others have told you being able to sit for hours at a time makes all the difference in what you are able to see and when you get to see it. My 7yr. old son and I are very pleased with your products and just wanted to express our thanks for representing such a good product and it was very nice to have had such good business dealings with you. I am sure that before next season gets here I will be giving you a call so I can build another deer blind, and I will be telling everyone about your products, as this caliber of a deer is getting alot of attention already and I have informed all that it was because of the blind that I built that made this once in a lifetime opportunity available.
Thanks Again.

Tim H. and son, Peyton, MO

“Here is my new stand built this summer. The views are spectacular and getting out of the wind, cold and rain this hunting season will be a reward. I plan to hunt deer and coyote from this stand and it will provide long distance scouting of both deer and turkey. I added a few of my own bells and whistles including concealed ATV parking underneath. My 5 year old daughter loves the stand. I highly recommend the quality of the Sportsman’s Condo.”

Chris L., WI

"Mark, thanks for making a great product! Hunting the coldest day of the year and a full moon slipping up over the horizon.....the biggest buck of my hunting career stepped out. Concealed and comfortable in my Sportsman's Condo....He never knew I was there.

Jake, TN


"It's cold up here during our rifle & muzzleloader deer seasons, sometimes sub-zero wind chills. I would be hard pressed to make it a few hours exposed in a tree. In my Condo I am comfortable to be out as long as it takes and this year it paid off with a nice late season MN buck."

Jim B., MN


Our deer seasons are open in November and December, we never know what kind of weather we'll be hunting in.   It could be pouring rain, snow or sub zero temperature.  With the Sportsman's Condo I don't need to worry about the weather. The Sportsmans Condo allows me to stay warm, dry and be ready for that shot when the buck of a lifetime comes by.
Thanks for making a great product that helped me to take my trophy buck!
Gary Howey, President
Outdoorsmen Productions
Outdoorsmen Adventures Television
Phone: 402-254-3266
Visit the Outdoorsmen Productions web site at:


"I watched this buck for a period of about an hour and a half with does scattered all around me, waiting patiently for him to come within range.  If I hadn't had the comfort (enabling me to stay still) of the condo or the superior concealment it offers I would have certainly been spotted by all the sets of eyes that were around me.  This buck was taken with a single shot through the heart from twenty yards as it approached me while in the condo (it never knew I was there).  Just before I fired I noticed that he was approaching to chase off two other bucks that were approaching from my rear.  These two other bucks also had no idea I was in the condo, once again because of its superior concealment." Karl B.


"The Sportsman's Condo allowed me to sit on a fence row that deer always cross in a large field.  Without it, the openness of the terrain  never allow me to get close enough for a shot."


Dennis B., TX


"This big guy never knew what hit him. Being able to sit comfortably until 1:30pm allowed me to harvest the best buck of my life"


Paul B., WI


"This buck was at 8 yards when I shot....he never knew I was there when I sent him the news!"


Peter B., WI


"Carly B's 1st Buck"....shot at 15 yards with 2 other bucks.


I have tried many different blinds over the past 11 years, and there is no other blind that is as quick and easy to set up as the Sportsman’s Condo. We have over 30 Sportsman’s Condos in two different outfitting camps.  Even in the remote forest, they are so easy to set up that it only takes ten minutes for one person to set up the Sportsman’s Condo on 8 -10ft legs. Since the windows are flat, it makes it much easier to change out then the round windows. These stands are very durable, but at the same time they are light enough to move around when needed.

We have stands from three other manufacturers, and the Sportsman’s Condo is by far the best stand in our operation.  The other blind designers just did not put the same about of time and research into their blinds as the Sportsman’s Condo. 

Since the weather up here can be so challenging, we will be purchasing the 2-man Sportsman’s Condo blind (SC2) for the 2006 season. Hats off to the designers for the Sportsman’s Condo blind.  Contact North Star Outfitting in Alberta Canada if you like any further input on these blinds. Feel free to call me, Neil Johnson at 780-847-2392.

Neil Johnson, Owner of North Star Outfitting

We originally bought 4 sportsman condos and with the durability and other positive features they showed in the first year we purchased 4 more.  They make it very easy to conseal noise, movement and keep us very warm.  Since we have purchased the condos in the last two years it has made it easy to take my daughters hunting for the purposes I listed above.  I'm pround to say that my 9 year and 7 year daughters have both harvested dear out of the stands.  I would recommend them to anybody that has youth!
Billy M.
Fairfax, Missouri

I have just returned to my home in Florida from My farm in Newark Missouri, and wanted to let You know that I now have three of Your condo units in place. I am so looking forward to the up coming season no matter what the weather brings! Thanks again for the way You and Your staff took care My order and the trouble they went to too make sure everything was there on time. I will be in touch soon about becoming a distributor for YOU and wish that I could work or buy from people like You and YOUR Staff in all My transactions!


Thank's Again,